Cimberio Monolink Connection System

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Cimberio Monolink terminal units connection system is an innovative and ultra-compact valve arrangement that minimizes the time and space required to connect system terminal units to distribution pipes.
All the components required for flushing and commissioning the system can be combined in a single assembly that will fit in the tightest corners.
Cimberio Monolink assembly incorporates an isolation valve with an integral strainer, a drain point, an inbuilt special bypass valve, and a balancing valve, static or dynamic.
Thanks to the isolation valve fitted on the flow side, it is possible to clean and service the strainer without having to drain down the whole system.
Only four connections are required and because the connections are simple union joints, the whole assembly can be adjusted on-site for maximum convenience and easy
accessibility in the space available.

Main features of the Monolink:

Nominal pressure PN 25
Factory preassembled
Each single unit factory tested
Compact construction
Designed to provide flexible configuration of the system
(use of either manual or automatic balancing valves).
Adaptable for a wide range of pipes materials
Easy installation
Integral union joint for easier installation
Minimal pressure drop
Full bore ball valve for easier flushing
Several accessories available to add higher performance

This article was made in compliance with the quality management requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008.
All articles are tested according to the standard EN 12266-1:2003.
It can be used in a wide variety of sectors: heating, air conditioning, water, sanitary systems, and generally with any non-corrosive liquid.

*Please Note: This valve is made by Cimberio and is a product from Italy.


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