Fixed Orifice Balancing Valve with Integral Test Points – FIPT x FIPT

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*Please Note: This valve is made by Cimberio, not JAECO, and is a product from Italy.

The CIM 747 balancing valve is manufactured per EN ISO 9001 and is designed to provide high accuracy flow balancing and measurement across all valve settings. The CIM 747 balancing valve is manufactured of corrosion-resistant brass. It is suitable for heating (LPHW) and cooling applications at working pressures of up to 232 PSI.

• A compact body design integrating a fixed orifice and test points permitting high accuracy flow measurement to within +/- 5% regardless of valve setting.
• A metal-to-metal thread locking mechanism designed to accurately lock valve settings enabling the valve to
be closed and re-opened to its exact pre-set position.
• A flip-up cap housing individual Allen key for valve position locking.
• Heat and impact-resistant nylon non-rising handle with a 360º re-settable index collar and indicator scale which can be read from any angle.
• An EPDM lined valve plug designed to provide increased control and tight shut-off for isolation purposes.

The CIM 747 balancing valve has been tested by BSRIA with water containing high air and dirt levels.
Testing results demonstrated excellent tolerance to such conditions providing confidence that the valves will retain a high level of accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement under even the worst system conditions.

This valve is made by Cimberio and is a product from Italy.

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747 Balancing Valve
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