JAECO pump on top of Tanner System Tri-fluid Injector

[Case Study] Tanner Systems

Tanner Systems manufactures and sells de-icing systems that help prevent compressed air line freeze-ups for various equipment and machinery. The company needed a reliable metering pump to sit atop their Tri-Fluid Injector Dispenser and supply three proprietary de-icing fluids to the compressed air lines of sawmills.

An Ice-Cold Challenge

Sawmills operate in many harsh conditions, so they need equipment that can handle these environments without constantly shutting down or needing maintenance—especially in cold in areas like northern CA, OR, and WA.

The Tanner Systems Tri-Fluid Injector Dispenser helps prevent costly sawmill shutdowns by injecting their proprietary de-icing formula into the compressed airlines. However, they needed a metering pump capable of accurately releasing the recommended ratio of one drop of de-icer per 20 cubic feet of air.

Tanner Systems also required an explosion-proof metering pump motor that was 100% compatible with their proprietary fluid. Tech and general support were also important factors—when the Tanner Systems engineers called, they wanted someone readily available to troubleshoot right then and there.

Lead times were also a concern. Tanner Systems needed a metering pump manufacturer who could go from purchase order to delivery in as quick as one to two weeks. Many metering pump manufacturers are overseas, so finding a US manufacturer was also a must.

After an exhaustive search, Tanner Systems turned to JAECO and their JAECOFRAM 1™ Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pump.

JAECO pump on top of Tanner System Tri-fluid InjectorA Durable Solution

The JAECO Fram pump that Tanner Systems attaches to the top of their machines offers a 0.86-56 GPH flow rate and 250-1,200 PSIG pressure. The pump is well-suited for the pumping needs of the Tri-Fluid Injector Dispenser as it can slowly release a low quantity of liquid at a higher pressure rating. 

Separate chambers for hydraulic fluid and gear lubricant make possible the use of the best medium for hydraulic diaphragm pulsing and the best medium for gear lubrication. The results are superior pump performance and longer pump life.

The JAECOFRAM 1™ metering pump is made of cast aluminum and 316 stainless steel, which gives it extreme durability to handle freezing weather and the daily rigors of a sawmill. There are no plunger seals to leak or replace, and the, heavy-duty gear reducer system allows for superior performance.

JAECO manufactures all of its pumps at its Malvern, Pennsylvania, factory. If Tanner Systems were to call with a problem, the JAECO engineers can diagnose a pump issue in a couple of hours and ship most replacement parts out the same day.

Rick Bierman, Operations Manager from Tanner Systems, remarked:

“We have worked with JAECO Fluid Systems for more than 10 years. They provide us with custom pumps that include explosion-proof motors and preset pressure relief settings, and they keep our pumps on hand that can ship within 1-2 weeks. Besides the durability of their pumps and customization options, their customer service is top notch. They are always quick to answer our pump questions and provide solutions as needed.”

Results: 12 Years and Still Running

The compressed air-powered sawmills that operate throughout the US can now run during the coldest winter months, thanks to the JAECO metering pump that sits on top of the Tanner Systems Tri-Fluid Injector Dispenser. 

The two companies have enjoyed a solid 12-year business relationship thanks partly to the legendary durability of JAECO metering pumps and their commitment to providing top-notch customer service.

JAECO continues to collaborate with Tanner Systems while providing intelligent and timely alternative solutions whenever market trends or needs change (i.e., supply chain shortages and production issues).

Due to the ongoing nature of the business relationship, JAECO has provided Tanner Systems with a special cost-saving discount. 

Metering Pumps for Any Application

At JAECO, we build rugged and high-performing metering pumps for a wide range of industries. Our strong commitment to customer service, ongoing product support, and domestic manufacturing make us the go-to manufacturer for all your metering pump needs. Contact us below to speak to one of our expert engineers.


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