Reliable Fluid Movement For Any Application

At JAECO, we make and sell durable, industrial metering pumps for injecting various fluids in commercial applications. Our American-made, field-servicaeble plunger and diaphragm pumps are engineered to perform exceptionally well in unique environments or with challenging liquids. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to develop customized pump products suited to meet the unique requirements of each industry. JAECO pumps establish trust for their reliability, precision, and durability, making them suitable for agriculture, defense, refining, and paper production.


Industries JAECO Metering Pumps Serve

Numerous industrial applications utilize JAECO pumps for consistent and continuous metering of liquids. These liquids include chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid as well as detergents, waxes, resins, and other additives. The possibilities are endless, and there are not many applications that our metering pumps cannot handle. JAECO pumps currently fulfill various applications around the world wherever there is a need for reliable fluid movement.

With our wide range of fluid system solutions, JAECO continues to serve diverse industries around the U.S. and world. Our pumps are a dependable choice for various industrial applications that require consistent and accurate metering of fluids, demonstrating their versatility and reliability across most metering pumps. 

Here are some of the top industries where JAECO metering pumps excel:

Learn More: Read our Tanner Systems Case Study to learn how JAECO Fluid Systems can provide a custom Metering Pump tailor-made for your application.

Industrial & Chemical

JAECO supplies pumps, systems, and products to various industries like chemicals, fiberglass manufacturing, automotive, coatings, and vehicle washing. One example of a customized metering pump product we developed for a customer in the fiberglass manufacturing industry is a custom, duplex, plunger, metering pump where one arm pumps the resin and the other pumps the catalyst in a predetermined mix at a very precise rate. This specialized pump ensures that the resin and catalyst are accurately mixed in the desired proportions, resulting in high-quality fiberglass products.

Our pump’s precise rate control allows for consistent and efficient production, meeting the stringent requirements of the manufacturing industry. Apart from the fiberglass industry, JAECO pumps are also pivotal in process production applications like chemical manufacturing, industrial coatings production, and paper manufacturing.


JAECO is a leader in the agriculture industry and has supplied thousands of metering injection pumps – both plunger and diaphragm – to inject fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, viscous fluids, and wetting agents into irrigation and pivot systems. Our metering injection pumps are robust, flexible, and available with PTO, gasoline, or electric motor options.

In 2007, we developed a customized combination plunger and diaphragm injection pump called the AccuFlow that operates off of a patented heavy-duty gear reduction system. The capacity adjustment range is broader than that offered by either a diaphragm or plunger injection pump and the direction of rotation can be reversed while the metering injection pump is running which makes them ideal for use on pivot systems. Learn more about pumps for agricultural applications.

Government & Defense

Our pumps have enjoyed nearly 50 years of service aboard Navy ships in the treatment of wastewater and fresh water. These metering pumps are a critical component of the onboard reverse osmosis system that converts seawater into fresh drinking water. Shipboard environments present some of the most difficult challenges for any rotating equipment and JAECO products continue to stand the test of time. Our Grip Seal stainless steel compression fittings have been used in a variety of start-ups.

In the early 1960s, JAECO developed a customized metering pump under contract with the U.S. Army that mimics human breathing and was created to test gas masks. This device, known as a breather metering pump, continues to be supplied exclusively by JAECO to Army installations throughout the world.

Public Utility & Water Treatment Flocculation

JAECO metering pumps have been widely used in the coagulation and flocculation processes at water treatment facilities. Our metering pumps are ideal for injecting caustic liquids such as chlorine and other coagulant chemicals to expedite the water treatment process. Also, our pumps are used in generating facilities to treat the effluent before the cooling water is released back into the environment. Thanks to decades of experience manufacturing pumps for a wide variety of applications, we’re a trusted resource for utilities and wastewater treatment professionals worldwide.

Oil, Petro & Gas

At JAECO, we have many decades of experience serving the oil and gas industry. Our high-quality, reliable metering pumps are used in the traditional refinery industry to add octane, anti-corrosives, colorants, and other additives to gasoline and diesel fuels. These metering pumps are also being evaluated in the evolving bio-diesel industry for similar applications. Thanks to high-quality construction and guaranteed precise operation, our pumps are a top choice in this industry. Learn more about pumps for the petrochemical industry.

Discover our range of metering pumps listed below. Need help determining the right pump? Contact us to learn more, request a quote, or make a purchase online. Our collection also includes ready-to-ship pumps, maintenance parts, check valves, discount valves, and other technical parts.


Diaphragm Pumps

JAECO diaphragm motor-driven metering pumps offer completely leak-proof and accurate metering of difficult-to-handle or viscous liquids. Enjoy longer pump life and better performance through our simplex and duplex models.

Plunger Pumps

Our plunger metering pumps provide trouble-free, low-cost, and uninterrupted service for continuous accurate metering of solutions and chemicals. The streamlined design and rugged construction help to ensure a long and virtually maintenance-free lifespan.

Agricultural Diaphragm Pumps

JAECO agricultural diaphragm metering pumps are available in duplex and simplex configurations. We specially designed them for completely leak-proof and accurate metering of difficult-to-handle liquids.

Agricultural Plunger Pumps

The rugged construction and streamlined design of the JAECO AGRI-PAK helps to ensure uninterrupted, trouble-free, and low-cost service.

Agricultural Diaphragm Pumps

JAECO agricultural diaphragm metering pumps are available in duplex and simplex configurations. We specially designed them for completely leak-proof and accurate metering of difficult-to-handle liquids.

Pump Maintenance Kits

Our pump maintenance kits provide the needed parts for you to perform regular maintenance while minimizing pump downtime.

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