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Within the food and beverage industry, JAECO metering pumps are designed to ensure the accuracy and consistency of dosing liquids and additives during the manufacturing process. These pumps are designed to keep products safe, maintain quality, and deliver the exceptional taste that consumers expect.

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Global food and beverage processing has experienced substantial growth and innovation over the years, continuously adapting to meet the changing tastes and preferences of consumers. Within this industry, precision and consistency are very crucial, especially when it comes to handling ingredients and additives accurately. 

This is where JAECO metering pumps come into play.

Our metering pumps are specialized devices designed to precisely and reliably dispense liquids in controlled quantities. Our pumps are extensively utilized in the food and beverage sector, where the importance of maintaining precise proportions and flow rates cannot be overstated.

Here’s a rundown of some of the ways JAECO food processing metering pumps are strategically integrated into the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Ingredient Precision

In food production, even the slightest variation in ingredient proportions can significantly affect the final product’s taste and quality. JAECO metering pumps excel in delivering impeccable accuracy when adding vital ingredients like flavorings, colorants, preservatives, and nutrients. By meticulously controlling the flow of these components, JAECO pumps guarantee that each batch adheres to precise formulations, resulting in consistent quality and regulatory compliance in food safety.

Water Conditioning

The beverage industry frequently uses JAECO metering pumps for water treatment. The pumps inject the required additives to ensure that the water meets the quality standards for the production of beverages or to begin the brewing process.

Nutrient Enhancement

When it comes to enhancing the nutritional value of foods with vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, JAECO metering pumps are the instruments of choice. By delivering precise amounts of these nutritional elements, JAECO ensures that foods meet exacting standards for nutritional content and consumer well-being.

Sauce and Dressing Production

JAECO pumps dispense the secret ingredients to make sauces, dressings, and marinades with precise ratios. This ensures consistent taste and texture across batches and helps maintain the flavor profile of the final product. Whether it’s for a restaurant supply chain or a large-scale production facility, food metering pumps play a critical role in achieving the high standards of quality and texture demanded by these culinary processes.

Dough and Batter Mixing

In the baking and confectionery industries, the quality of raw materials, including water, oils, and added sugars, into dough or batter mixtures is an ideal application for our pumps. This accuracy helps achieve uniform mixing and desired product characteristics.


JAECO metering pumps excel in the beverage sector, where beverage manufacturers rely on them for the precise infusion of flavor syrups and other liquid additives. This orchestration ensures that every sip of a soft drink, fruit juice, or other drinks maintains a consistent and delightful taste experience, a hallmark of JAECO’s commitment to excellence.

pH Adjustment

In products where pH control is critical, such as dairy items and beverages, JAECO pumps play an important role in precision processing techniques. These pumps can add acids or bases in precise amounts to maintain the desired pH level.

Hygiene and Cleaning Solutions

To keep food production facilities clean, operators use JAECO food processing metering pumps to dispense cleaning and sanitizing solutions in precise amounts. These pumps are essential not only for maintaining public health but also for extending the shelf life of food and beverage products, even under high-temperature conditions.

JAECO metering pumps are the paragon of precision, trustworthiness, and efficiency in the food and beverage production industries. By expertly controlling the flow of liquids and additives, JAECO pumps contribute to the consistent excellence and reliability that consumers associate with their preferred foods and beverages. As a steadfast partner in culinary innovation, JAECO empowers food processors and manufacturers to achieve the highest levels of quality, safety, and consumer satisfaction while ensuring the long-term success of their operations across an array of delectable offerings.

JAECO Food Processing Metering Pumps Benefits

  • Made in the U.S.A: We proudly invent, engineer, manufacture, machine, and assemble our metering pumps in our American facility.
  • Completely Field Serviceable: You can service JAECO metering pumps in the field—no need to disassemble and ship them out for repairs or maintenance.
  • Long-Lasting: JAECO pumps are built to stand the test of time, no matter what chemicals or additives you run through them. Many of our products can last for 30 years or more without a rebuild.

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JAECO FRAM 1 Diaphragm Metering Pumps 

Flow Rate: .86 – 56 GPH

Pressure: 250 to 1200 PSIG

Download JAECO-FRAM Info Sheet (PDF)


JAECO PAK Plunger Pumps

Flow Rate: .38 – 150 GPH

Pressure: 75 to 2,000 PSIG

Download JAECO-PAK Info Sheet (PDF)

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