They don’t build metering pumps like they used to.
But we do!

Packed Plunger Metering Pump At JAECO Fluid Systems, we manufacture plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps and check valves that stand the test of time. Our products are 100% made in Pennsylvania from the highest quality American materials and they’re used around the world in a variety of agricultural and process piping applications because of their extreme durability and longevity. JAECO metering pumps are designed for accurate, trouble-free metering of difficult-to-handle liquids.

Irrigation, chemigation, and water processing for crops, aquaculture and turf management at farms and golf courses are common applications for JAECO agriculture pumps. Other uses include chemical processing for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, and oil industries. JAECO pumps can be customized to each industry’s specific needs and are designed for continuous use with minimal downtime. Please contact us today to request a quote.

JEACO also manufactures a full line of spring-loaded, 316 stainless steel, check valves. Compact threaded male, 2,500 PSI rating, and withstands temperatures -15° to +650°F make our check valves ideal for diverse applications including injection lines and metering pumps. Check valves and maintenance parts can now be purchased in our online store! Shop Now

Long Lasting Diaphragm Pumps

Durable, American-made industrial metering pumps and check valves for chemical, gas, oil, pharmaceutical, mining, water, food, military, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. 

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Durable Plunger Pumps

Streamlined design, rugged construction, and virtually maintenance-free. Made in Pennsylvania from the highest quality materials and components

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Proudly Made in the USA from the Highest Quality Materials

Not all pumps are created equal, and from our home in eastern Pennsylvania, we've developed a line of pumps that are trusted by farmers, engineers and businesses worldwide.

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