Experience, Quality & Performance

For more than 61 years, JAECO FLUID SYSTEMS, Inc., (and predecessor companies) have been providing experience, quality, and performance to the fluid process and water treatment industry with their American made pumps.

Joseph A. Eagan, whose name became the acronym for the company, founded JAECO in 1958. Over the years, JAECO distinguished itself as a prominent manufacturer of robust, purpose-built, reliable, positive displacement chemical metering pumps and accessories.

Their initial line of packed plunger pumps became very successful, particularly in the agricultural irrigation industry. Then, JAECO developed a full line of hydraulically actuated diaphragm operated pumps in the 1960s. With this expanded product line, JAECO created an excellent business in the fabrication of skid systems for applications in a wide variety of chemical and wastewater treatment industries throughout the 1970s. Also during this time, the company acquired a complete line of mechanical compression couplings known as GRIP-SEAL as well as a line of check valves manufactured by the Stewart Company. This rounded out the company’s product offering and greatly expanded its capabilities.

During the 1980s the company was reorganized as JAECO-STEWART when a former executive of the JAECO PUMP COMPANY purchased the organization and decided to focus exclusively on the manufacture of American made pumps, check valves, and fittings. The owners sold the company twice over the next twenty years but continued to maintain its reputation for quality products.

In 2000, new owners purchased the company and renamed it JAECO FLUID SYSTEMS, INC. They initiated a progressive transition to remake the organization into a full-service provider of pumps and accessories for a wider market segment. This culminated in a full return to the fabrication business in 2013.


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