Pump Rebuild/ Repair Evaluation

Jaeco will evaluate the condition of your pump and determine the labor and materials needed to reset a pump to factory condition and then provide a quote to the customer. All pumps are subject to the $125 evaluation charge which will be applied to the repair cost. If a customer decides to not have a pump repaired, then they will only be charged $125 but may be eligible for trade-in credit towards a new pump.


The durable design of Jaeco pumps makes them ideal for factory rebuild. Each pump is processed in our manufacturing facility to reset it as close to possible to the original factory specification. (This greatly depends on the condition of your pump.) This attention to detail means that your rebuilt pump will have the same performance as a new pump at a fraction of the cost. Jaeco rebuilds receive a full one-year warranty on defective parts and workmanship. Since every pump’s condition varies, Jaeco will provide a quote before proceeding with any work.

Jaeco must issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) before a pump will be accepted and a pump must be sterilized before shipping.

Before shipping:
All areas of the pump that encountered the chemical used must be neutralized. (exterior of the pump, inside and outside of cylinder or head as well as the check valves)
Empty all gear and/or hydraulic oil from the pump.
The whole exterior of the pump must be free of grease and grime. (Thoroughly degrease and wipe down the pump)


Jaeco Pump Rebuild Evaluation $125.00
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