Jaeco FRAM 511 Simplex Diaphragm Pumps
Maintenance Kit

1 – Diaphragm (50036-P009), 2 Check Valves (00203-G003), 1 Pint EP-150 Gear Oil (50076-P040), 1 Pump Housing Oil (50076-P020), 1  O-Ring Bushing (00064-P171) & 1 O-Ring Adjuster (00064-P151)
This kit is for JAECOFRAM simplex pumps with a model number that begins with 511.
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JAECO maintenance kits supply the needed parts to perform routine maintenance and common parts required to minimize simplex diaphragm pump downtime. Pump model and serial numbers are required to determine the correct kit and can be found on the nameplate on the pump. Series numbers are the first three digits of the model number.
Jaeco FRAM 511 Simplex Pump Maintenance Kit $262.50
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