How to Choose the Best Metering Pump for Your Application

Metering PumpMetering pumps are made for precise chemical processing in a wide range of industries, injecting accurate amounts of one fluid into another. When manufactured with quality materials and treated with proper maintenance, a pump can last for decades. However, the wrong pump choice for your fluid and application can be a costly and dangerous mistake.

In this guide, we’ll go over the key points you need to consider when choosing the best pump for your application. Our experts are also always available to help you choose the right options for your pump.

Consider Your Fluid Properties

To choose the correct pump and materials for your fluid, you’ll need to consider your fluid’s characteristics. The chemical manufacturer or data sheet for your fluid should be able to provide you with these factors:

  • Viscosity
  • Pumping temperature
  • Vapor pressure
  • Particle matter size and percent

Various pump types and materials are better suited to certain chemical characteristics and consistencies. Knowing the degree of abrasion or corrosion is also vital in choosing materials compatible with your fluid.

Define Application Properties

Understanding the system as a whole and where the pump fits into it will better help you make the right choice. Start with the basics, like what application type or industry your pump is for.

Then, consider specifics about the environment the pump and fluid will be in. Will it be exposed to any harsh elements or temperatures? If so, you might need protection for the pump and fluid from these conditions.

Next, consider how the fluid will be stored, and how it will get to your pump. Will it be located above the pump, below the pump, or at the same level?

Finally, define what performance you need from the pump and how you would like to control it. What is the maximum and minimum operating capacity? What type of capacity adjustment is desired—manual? Automatic? You’ll also need to consider the maximum discharge pressure and minimum available suction pressure.

Plus, to run your pump, what type of motor drive do you prefer, and what is the available power source? We have several motor options, like single or three-phase, 12V DC, variable-speed motor drive, and more. 

Choose the Best Metering Pump Type

JAECO metering pumps are available in diaphragm, plunger, and high flow models for a range of applications from industrial chemical processing to agricultural uses. Your fluid characteristics and the pressure and output demands of your application will help to narrow down the best metering pump for you.

Metering Pump

  • Diaphragm Pump – Hydraulic fluid moves a flexible diaphragm back and forth, creating positive displacement that pulls fluids through the pump. Well suited for leak-proof handling of difficult liquids.
  • Packed Plunger Pump – A plunger makes strokes that create positive displacement to move fluid through the pump. A streamlined design and quality construction mean continuous, accurate metering with virtually no maintenance.
  • High Flow Pump – JAECO HI-FLO is a high flow packed plunger pump for higher flow rates and/or pressures.

Pump Materials

For the diaphragm or packing material and liquid end of your pump, material compatibility with your fluid is important, especially with corrosive or acidic fluids. Here are some of the materials JAECO uses in our pumps:

Liquid End:

  • 316 Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than 304.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) – Plastic that resists many acids, bases, corrosives, alcohols, and more.
  • Alloy 20 – Austenitic alloy particularly good for sulfuric acid. More resistant than stainless steel.
  • Hastelloy-C – High nickel and chromium levels. More resistant than Stainless Steel.


  • PTFE Teflon – Ideal for use with reactive and corrosive chemicals due to its high resistance.


  • Neoprene – Synthetic rubber with high chemical stability.
  • PTFE Teflon – Ideal for use with reactive and corrosive chemicals.
  • Viton® – Synthetic rubber that resists many hydrocarbons, biodiesel, and petrochemicals.

Our material selection guide can help you understand the compatibility of your fluid with various materials. Ensuring fluid and material compatibility is vital to the operation, safety, and longevity of your pump.

Ask Our Experts for Help

Not only do you want the best metering pump for your application, but you want a pump built to last with quality materials and a durable design. At JAECO, our pumps have offered top performance in many industries for decades.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the factors that go into pump choice, reach out to our experienced professionals. Not only can they help you choose the best pump for your application, but they can also provide a quote and maintenance advice moving forward.

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